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Priority Industrial Module

A Complete Solution for Manufacturers

Over 1,000 manufacturers around the world rely on Priority to gain:

  • An integrated view with full visibility of product lines

  • Improved agility and response times

  • Seamless synchronization, from engineering to production

  • Real-time alerts at every stage in the process

Machine in Factory

The Challenge:

The manufacturing industry today, or “Industry 4.0,” is undergoing tumultuous change. An expanding global ecosystem of suppliers and the constant evolution of customer demands require manufacturers to run lean in order to stay competitive. Products are expected to be personalized, delivery time is expected to be faster, and quality is expected to remain high. Manufacturers aiming to keep up must look to new technologies that integrate all facets of the business and ensure agility, productivity and efficiency.
The only way businesses can manage these complex demands and achieve synchronization from R&D to delivery is by having 360-degree visibility in real time of what is happening in the production floor, down to the level of each work cell. This integrated view not only reduces costs and increases efficiency, it also enables manufacturers to respond quickly to order demands. Data can be captured at each stage of the process to analyze the productivity, efficiency and profitability of each product line and service, so inefficiencies can be spotted and acted upon at the source.


The Solution:

Priority’s dedicated solution for manufacturers offers world-class capabilities. Priority gives businesses a holistic view of their production facility so they can run leaner, strengthen customer loyalty, and increase their bottom line.

Priority Manufacturing: Advantages

Valuable Business Insights
A 360-degree, real-time view of the production facility with a wide range of reports and analysis helps optimize business and remove inefficiencies.
Faster Response Time

Greater agility allows for faster response time to shifting market conditions and order demands.
Lower Costs
Keeping tight control of materials, machines and working hours enables streamlined processes, better decision-making and and reducing costs.
Seamless Synchronization
Automated processes built on a single platform empower seamless and immediate synchronization between units, preventing delays and mistakes, from engineering to production.
Simplified Processes
Advance planning and control capabilities make it easy to manage complex and critical SCM processes.


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