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IT Service Agreements

A Complete Solution for Your Business

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The financial losses associated with downtime are immeasurable. An idle workforce, impaired productivity, loss of data and the inability to process customer transactions all have immediate financial consequences.

Hiring YSA IT services gives clients access to an entire team of experts who have the skills and experience necessary to work on a variety of projects simultaneously. With a focus on collaboration and cooperation, issues can be resolved quickly so that downtime is avoided.

YSA has service level agreements that can be customized to your unique requirements so that you can gain the peace of mind knowing that the YSA team of experts is behind you and available when needed.

YSA provides its customers with excellent service and office computing innovation with skilled, qualified and motivated IT professionals in providing the best possible service. The service includes a number of core areas:

Network Maintenance

YSA follows industry best practices when it comes to routine maintenance on the entire IT infrastructure

Cloud Services

Our experts design and implement whether it is for production or BCP solutions, YSA protocol aim to minimum down time with maximum utilization of the cloud solution.

Network and data security

Using our security experts and best available HW and SW our experts plan and implement sterile environments that allow secured data transfer between their sites combined with LAN policies for securing data inside the organization.

Professional consulting service for IT
YSA consultant serves as an external information systems professional and accompanies at all stages of decision making

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Our experts hold the knowledge and understanding of the need for building and implementing BCP and DRP as part of every company protocols

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